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Fighting Against Prostate Cancer


Bas knew from an early age what he wanted and with determination charted the course of his life. His passion and intensity led him to many accomplishments in his short lifespan, both in the private and professional areas.

Bas was born in the Netherlands, finished his career in USA; he decided to settle here and found in Caroline the love of his life. The careers of both of them progressed well; they found a wonderful house in Suwanee and were blessed with the birth of their daughter Nicole.

In his family role Bas was always well-balanced and enterprising. He enjoyed life at the fullest with Caroline and Nicole and with the love that existed at home managed to do many things at also in his career. Bas was a great host and very loyal to his family, friends and colleagues, for whom the doors were always open. Bas was always generous and was always willing to give his counsel or good advice.

Bas was well balanced; he was always satisfied with what he had accomplished and never stopped having plans for the future.

Due to his unexpected illness he was forced to change his plans, but he never admitted defeat. He fought the battle and was successful in using the time he had left to the fullest. He kept the control until the end and was 100% devoted to his family, leaving them his spirit and teachings as legacy.

In honor of Bas W.Q.Hofland

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